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iceoryx v2.0.0🔗

v2.0.0 (2022-03-14)🔗

Full Changelog


  • block publisher when subscriber queue full #615
  • extend chunk header for gateways and recompute #711
  • Basic Windows 10 support #33
  • Common puml file for common settings #865
  • Relocatable Pointers - Version 2.0 #926
  • Implement waitForTerminationRequest #973
  • Partial enable iceoryx building with msvc2015+clang #965
  • C binding for posh configuration #930
  • Enhance MacOS performance with timed{send,receive} functionality in unix domain socket#903
  • Multi-Publisher support for DDS gateway and generic gateway class #900
  • Replace iox-gw-iceoryx2dds and iox-gw-dds2iceoryx gateways with iox-dds-gateway #900
  • Enhance posixCall #805
  • Git Hooks on iceoryx #486
  • static memory alternative for std::function #391
  • Adding support for Helix QAC 2021.1 #755 thanks to @toniglandy1
  • Axivion analysis on CI #409
  • Cpptoml can be provided by an external source #951
  • Extend cxx::optional constructor for in place construction so that copy/move for values inside the optional even could be deleted #967
  • Add templated from/into free functions to formalize conversions from enums and other types #992
  • UniqueId class for unique IDs within a process #1010
  • Add requirePublisherHistorySupport option at subscriber side (if set to true requires historyCapacity > 0 to be eligible for connection) #1029, #1278
  • Add /tools/scripts/ shell script to provide simple access to docker containers for CI debugging #1049
  • Introduce cxx::FunctionalInterface to enrich nullable classes with and_then, or_else, value_or, expect #996
  • Add C++17 std::perms as cxx::perms to iceoryx_hoofs/cxx/filesystem.hpp. #1059
  • Support FreeBSD as a representative for the UNIX platforms #1054
  • Add event parameter to findService method #415
  • Implement stream operator for ChunkReceiveResult and AllocationError to be able to use it with ostream and LogStream #1062
  • Replace IPC-channel-based findService with pub/sub-based on #415
  • Add findService method to ServiceDiscovery which applies a callable to all matching services #1105
  • Increase limits of ServiceRegistry to support the maximum number of publishers and servers that are configured in iceoryx_posh_types.hpp #1074
  • C binding for service discovery #1142
  • Introduce iox::popo::MessagingPattern to findService to allow separate searches for publishers (MessagingPattern::PUB_SUB) and servers (iox::popo::MessagingPattern::REQ_RES) #27
  • Request/Response communication with iceoryx #27
    • For more details how this feature can be used please have a look at the iceoryx_examples/request_response
    • Limitations
      • The port introspection is not aware of the new Client and Server #1128
      • The DDS gateway is not aware of the new Server #1145
  • Set MAX_NUMBER_OF_NOTIFIERS to 256 and prepare configuration via CMake#1144
  • Reorganize code in publisher.hpp/.inl and subscriber.hpp/inl #1173
  • Install headers to include/iceoryx/vX.Y.Z by default and add CMake option MAKE_UNIQUE_INCLUDEDIR to control the behavior #1194


  • Analyse suppressed errors of AddressSanitizer, LeakSanitizer & UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer #423
  • CMake file duplicate option in build_options.cmake #709 thanks to @ZhenshengLee
  • SharedChunk should internally store an absolute pointer #713
  • loanPreviousChunk is broken #729
  • Runtime Error in SubscriberImpl #714
  • Wrong Values of iox-cpp-subscriber and iox-cpp-publisher #781
  • CMake fails during googletest step with gcc 11.1.0 #798
  • NewType Copy-Assign raises compiler warning on GCC 8.4.0 #282
  • Apply noexcept all the things rule to posh, hoofs and binding_c #916
  • Doxygen shows wrong include paths #922
  • find_package(iceoryx_posh) fails #944 thanks to @ijnek
  • iox-roudi report error when running in docker #946
  • compile error: duration.inl - duration literals are not found (Windows) #1078
  • cxx::string initialization with nullptr leads to segfault #1108
  • Fix support for libc++ on clang #905
  • Fix warnings for gcc-11.1 #838
  • Incremental builds with the build script are broken #821
  • Compile failed because of missing <limits> for GCC 11 #811 thanks to @homalozoa
  • Unable to build cyclone dds idlpp-cxx #736
  • Fix format string issues with introspection client #960 thanks to @roehling
  • Add support for Multi-Arch install destinations #961 thanks to @roehling
  • Fix a few misspellings in log messages #962 thanks to @roehling
  • Fix typos in goals/non-goals document #968 thanks to @ fb913bf0de288ba84fe98f7a23d35edfdb22381
  • Catch deserialization errors for enums in publisher and subscriber options #989
  • Fix linker error on QNX #1013
  • When posix mutex fails a correct error message is reported on the console #999
  • Only use std::result_of for C++14 to be able to use iceoryx in C++20 projects #1076
  • Set stack size for windows in singleprocess example and posh tests #1082
  • Roudi console timestamps are out of date #1130
  • Application can't create publisher repeatedly with previous one already destroyed #938
  • Prevent creation of popo::Publisher's with internal ServiceDescription #1120
  • RelativePointer is now type safe, i.e. can only be constructed from pointers with a valid convertion to the raw pointer #1121
  • Clamping historyRequest to queueCapacity #1192
  • C binding storage sizes do not match for multiple OS's and architectures #1218
  • Update cyclone dds version used by gateway to support aarch64 #1223
  • The file lock posix wrapper unlocks and removes a file correctly #1216
  • Minor fixes for the examples #743
  • Fix race condition in Windows platform semaphore/mutex posix implementation #1271
  • Fix race condition in Windows platform HandleTranslator #1264
  • Fix race condition in Windows platform shared memory implementation #1269


  • implement Module-Tests for smart_lock #588
  • improve Helix QAC parsing coverage #759 thanks to @toniglandy1
  • Write "ROS 2" with a space between "ROS" and "2" #762 thanks to @christophebedard
  • Enforce unix line endings #794
  • Rename utils to hoofs #790
  • Cleanup MemoryProvider and MemoryBlock #842
  • Remove #define private public from all tests #529
  • Write example on how to use iceoryx in a docker environment #924
  • Allow cpptoml to be provided externally and not vendored by CMake #950 thanks to @photex
  • Reworked iceoryx examples #482
  • Handle nullptr callbacks in waitset and listener #932
  • Add CI job that checks formatting with clang-format #887
  • Add clang-tidy rules for iceoryx_hoofs #889
  • Consolidate CI jobs in one workflow #891
  • Move all tests into an anonymous namespace #563
  • Refactor smart_c to use contract by design and expected #418
  • PoshRuntime Mock #449
  • Clean-up Doxygen for dds #583
  • Rename utils to hoofs #790
  • plantuml in design documentation #787
  • Refine quality levels #425
  • Clean-up std::terminate usage #261
  • Add Quality Declaration Document #910
  • Make cxx::string::capacity a static method #979
  • Restructure iceoryx tools #471
  • Use cxx::expected for MemoryManager::getChunk #954
  • Upgrade GTest/GMock to v1.10 #841
  • Remove the requirement for INVALID_STATE for the cxx::expected #987
  • Add unique test identifers #988
  • Remove ApplicationPort and ApplicationPortData classes #415
  • Remove creation pattern from MemoryMap and replace it with MemoryMapBuilder #1036
  • Fix error handling of TypedUniqueId and refactor it to UniquePortId #861
  • Updating Codecov API and enforce CMake version 3.16 for building iceoryx #774 and #1031
  • Remove InvalidIdString and isValid() from ServiceDescription, replace Wildcard string with iox::cxx::nullopt #415
  • Remove creation pattern from SharedMemory and replace it with SharedMemoryBuilder #1036
  • Remove the leading slash requirement from the name of a shared memory in SharedMemory and SharedMemoryObject #439

New API features:

  1. Introduce iceoryx_hoofs/cxx/filesystem.hpp which implements std::perms as cxx::perms.

    #include "iceoryx_hoofs/cxx/filesystem.hpp"
    // ...
    cxx::perms filePermissions;
    filePermissions = cxx::perms::owner_read | cxx::perms::group_write;
    std::cout << filePermissions << std::endl;

API Breaking Changes:

  1. The CMake files in iceoryx expect to have CMake version 3.16 or greater installed, otherwise the build fails. (Hint: Ubuntu 18 users can install cmake-mozilla from the universe repository provided by Canonical)

  2. Dependency for building the iceoryx_dds gateway changed from openjdk (Java) to bison

  3. Change include from iceoryx_hoofs/cxx/helplets.hpp to iceoryx_hoofs/cxx/requires.hpp when using cxx::Expects or cxx::Ensures

    // before
    #include "iceoryx_hoofs/cxx/helplets.hpp"
    // after
    #include "iceoryx_hoofs/cxx/requires.hpp"
  4. Replace Creation pattern from MemoryMap with MemoryMapBuilder.

    // before
    auto memoryMapResult = posix::MemoryMap::create(baseAddress, length, fileDescriptor, accessMode, flags, offset);
    // after
    auto memoryMapResult = posix::MemoryMapBuilder().baseAddressHint(baseAddress)
  5. Rename utils to hoofs:

    In CMake you need now to find and link the package iceoryx_hoofs instead of iceoryx_utils

    # before
    find_package(iceoryx_utils REQUIRED)
    # after
    find_package(iceoryx_hoofs REQUIRED)

    The include paths for iceoryx_utils are now iceoryx_hoofs

    // before
    #include "iceoryx_utils/cxx/string.hpp"
    // after
    #include "iceoryx_hoofs/cxx/string.hpp"
  6. Refactoring SmartC:

    • Renaming SmartC wrapper to posixCall.
    • Removed getErrorString() from posixCall, please use getHumanReadableErrnum() instead.
    • Enhanced posixCall to handle a common case were multiple errnos are ignored just to suppress error logging
    // before
    #include "iceoryx_utils/cxx/smart_c.hpp"
    auto unlinkCallPublisher = iox::cxx::makeSmartC(
        unlink, iox::cxx::ReturnMode::PRE_DEFINED_ERROR_CODE, {ERROR_CODE}, {ENOENT}, sockAddrPublisher.sun_path);
        if (unlinkCallPublisher.hasErrors())
            std::cout << "unlink error" << std::endl;
    // after
    #include "iceoryx_utils/posix_wrapper/posix_call.hpp"
        .ignoreErrnos(ENOENT, EBUSY) // can be a comma-separated list of errnos
        .or_else([](auto& r) {
            std::cout << "unlink error " << r.getHumanReadableErrnum() << std::endl;
  7. Refactoring of ServiceDescription

    • A ServiceDescription is now only string-based and no more wildcards are allowed.
    • A well-defined ServiceDescription consists of three non-empty strings.
    // before
    ServiceDescription myServiceDescription1(1U, 2U, 3U);
    ServiceDescription myServiceDescription3("First", "Second");
    ServiceDescription myServiceDescription3(iox::capro::AnyServiceString, iox::capro::AnyInstanceString, iox::capro::AnyEventString);
    // after
    ServiceDescription myServiceDescription1("Foo", "Bar", "Baz");
    ServiceDescription myServiceDescription2("First", "Second", "DontCare");
    ServiceDescription myServiceDescription3("Foo", "Bar", "Baz");
  8. Instead of using a constructor a ServiceDescription is now deserialized via a static method with error handling:

    // before
    iox::cxx::Serialization serializedObj;
    iox::capro::ServiceDescription service(serializedObj);
    // after
    iox::cxx::Serialization serialisedObj;
        .and_then([](auto& value){
            // Do something with the deserialized object
        .or_else([](auto& error){
            // Handle the error
  9. The InvalidIdString was removed from ServiceDescription and the Wildcard string was replaced with a iox::cxx::nullopt. With this, every string is allowed within the ServiceDescription. The default ServiceDescription consists of empty strings.

  10. The service-related methods have been moved from PoshRuntime to ServiceDiscovery. The offerService and stopOfferService methods have been removed and findService has now an additional event parameter. Furthermore it requires a function to be provided which is applied to each ServiceDescription in the search result (and can be used to collect them in a container etc.).

The iox::popo::MessagingPattern parameter allows to search publishers (PUB_SUB) or servers (REQ_RES).

// before
#include "iceoryx_posh/runtime/posh_runtime.hpp"

poshRuntime.findService({"ServiceA", iox::capro::AnyInstanceString});

// after
#include "iceoryx_posh/runtime/service_discovery.hpp"

void printSearchResult(const iox::capro::ServiceDescription& service)
    std::cout << "- " << service << std::endl;

serviceDiscovery.findService("ServiceA", Wildcard, Wildcard, printSearchResult, iox::popo::MessagingPattern::PUB_SUB);
  1. The following classes have now an constructor marked as explicit:

    explicit DeadlineTimer(const iox::units::Duration timeToWait);
    explicit GenericRAII(const std::function<void()>& cleanupFunction);
    explicit mutex(const bool f_isRecursive);
    explicit PosixUser(const uid_t f_id);
    explicit PosixUser(const string_t& f_name);
  2. Renaming in FileReader class and logging of iceoryx_hoofs

    // before
    iox::cxx::FileReader reader("filename");
    std::string str;
    if(reader.IsOpen()) {
    static auto& logger = CreateLogger("", "", iox::log::LogManager::GetLogManager().DefaultLogLevel());
    // after
    iox::cxx::FileReader reader("filename");
    std::string str;
    if(reader.isOpen()) {
    static auto& logger = createLogger("", "", iox::log::LogManager::GetLogManager().DefaultLogLevel());
  3. The iox::cxx::expected has dropped the requirement for INVALID_STATE. With this, the ErrorTypeAdapter which was necessary for non enum types was also removed. The specialization of ErrorTypeAdapter for custom types must therefore also be removed in the user code.

  4. The queue port policy enums are adjusted to use them with Client and Server.

  5. The QueueFullPolicy::BLOCK_PUBLISHER is replaced with the more generic QueueFullPolicy::BLOCK_PRODUCER.

    // old
    iox::popo::SubscriberOptions options;
    options.queueFullPolicy = iox::popo::QueueFullPolicy::BLOCK_PUBLISHER;
    // new
    iox::popo::SubscriberOptions options;
    options.queueFullPolicy = iox::popo::QueueFullPolicy::BLOCK_PRODUCER;

    Similar, for binding_c it is QueueFullPolicy_BLOCK_PRODUCER instead of QueueFullPolicy_BLOCK_PUBLISHER

    // old
    iox_sub_options_t options;
    options.queueFullPolicy = QueueFullPolicy_BLOCK_PUBLISHER;
    // new
    iox_sub_options_t options;
    options.queueFullPolicy = QueueFullPolicy_BLOCK_PRODUCER;
  6. The SubscriberTooSlowPolicy is replaced with the more generic ConsumerTooSlowPolicy and SubscriberTooSlowPolicy::WAIT_FOR_SUBSCRIBER became ConsumerTooSlowPolicy::WAIT_FOR_CONSUMER.

    // old
    iox::popo::PublisherOptions options;
    options.subscriberTooSlowPolicy = iox::popo::SubscriberTooSlowPolicy::WAIT_FOR_SUBSCRIBER;
    // new
    iox::popo::PublisherOptions options;
    options.subscriberTooSlowPolicy = iox::popo::ConsumerTooSlowPolicy::WAIT_FOR_CONSUMER;

    And with the binding_c

    // old
    iox_pub_options_t options;
    options.subscriberTooSlowPolicy = SubscriberTooSlowPolicy_WAIT_FOR_SUBSCRIBER;
    // new
    iox_pub_options_t options;
    options.subscriberTooSlowPolicy = ConsumerTooSlowPolicy_WAIT_FOR_CONSUMER;
  7. The CaproMessageSubType enum is renamed to CaproServiceType and the values are renamed from NOSUBTYPE, SERVICE, EVENT and FIELD to NONE, PUBLISHER and SERVER. This change only affects InterfacePorts which used this enum to communicate whether the CaproMessage was from a SERVICE, EVENT or FIELD. This was quite ara::com specific and with the introduction of the ServerPort changes were needed. The distinction between a FIELD and an EVENT can be made by checking CaproMessage::m_historyCapacity.

    // old
    caproMessage.m_subType = CaproMessageSubType::EVENT;
    // new
    caproMessage.m_serviceType = CaproServiceType::PUBLISHER;