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A common use case is that multiple sensors are sending data of the same type, e.g. LIDAR data, and a subscriber is interested in the data of all those sensors.

This example demonstrates

  1. how you can run multiple publisher applications publishing on the same topic (n:m communication)
  2. how to communicate between C and C++


The default communication policy is many to many. If you have built iceoryx with the CMake flag -DONE_TO_MANY_ONLY this example will not run.

Run iceensemble🔗

The easiest way is to build all examples via ./tools/ Then, create eight terminals and run one command in each of them.




Alternatively, you can use the provided tmux script.



As iox-subscriber-with-options requests the blocking publisher feature, although having the same capro::ServiceDescription {"Radar", "FrontLeft", "Object"} it is only connected to iox-publisher-with-options

Expected Output🔗


Check out iceensemble on GitHub