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struct for the storage of mempool usage information. This data container is used by the introstpection::MemPoolInfoContainer array to store information on all available memmpools. #include <iceoryx_posh/roudi/introspection_types.hpp>

Public Attributes🔗

uint32_t m_usedChunks
uint32_t m_minFreeChunks
uint32_t m_numChunks
uint32_t m_chunkSize
uint32_t m_chunkPayloadSize

Public Attributes Documentation🔗

variable m_usedChunks🔗

uint32_t m_usedChunks {0};

variable m_minFreeChunks🔗

uint32_t m_minFreeChunks {0};

variable m_numChunks🔗

uint32_t m_numChunks {0};

variable m_chunkSize🔗

uint32_t m_chunkSize {0};

variable m_chunkPayloadSize🔗

uint32_t m_chunkPayloadSize {0};

Updated on 18 December 2023 at 13:11:43 CET