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#include <iceoryx_introspection/introspection_types.hpp>

Public Functions🔗

ComposedPublisherPortData(const PublisherPortData & portData, const PortThroughputData & throughputData)

Public Attributes🔗

const PublisherPortData * portData
const PortThroughputData * throughputData

Detailed Description🔗

struct iox::client::introspection::ComposedPublisherPortData;

Note: this contains just pointer to the real data, therefore pay attention to the lifetime of the original data

Public Functions Documentation🔗

function ComposedPublisherPortData🔗

inline ComposedPublisherPortData(
    const PublisherPortData & portData,
    const PortThroughputData & throughputData

Public Attributes Documentation🔗

variable portData🔗

const PublisherPortData * portData;

variable throughputData🔗

const PortThroughputData * throughputData;

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