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This article provides an overview of the Eclipse iceoryx architecture and explains the rationale for it.

Software layers🔗

The main packages which Eclipse iceoryx is composed of are depicted below.

Software layers

The next sections briefly describe the components and their libraries one by one.

Components and libraries🔗

The different libraries and their namespaces are depicted below.

Component diagram

iceoryx hoofs🔗

Handy Objects Optimized For Safety (hoofs) is a library and contains various building blocks like fixed size containers, concurrency classes and modern, next-gen C++ constructs from upcoming C++ standard releases.

For more information about the components, refer to its detailed description.

iceoryx posh🔗

The package iceoryx_posh (POSIX SHared memory) contains everything related to shared memory inter-process communication.

Core library🔗

This section describes the namespaces of the core library.

  • popo: The namespace posh ports contains the user-API classes which are used to transfer data.
  • capro: The namespace canonical protocol implements the canonical protocol pattern protocol, which is used by iceoryx_posh to connect and discover popo::Publisher and popo::Server.
  • mepoo: The namespace memory pool contains all memory-related classes. For example the MemoryManager or SharedPointer.
  • version: The namespace version contains ABI compatibilities checks.
  • build: The namespace build contains certain maximium values which can be changed before compilation.

Gatway library🔗

  • The gateway library and its namespace gw contain generic abstractions to create a gateway. They are used by iceoryx_dds.

RouDi library🔗

  • The library RouDi and its namespace roudi contains classes which are used by the RouDi middleware daemon.

iceoryx C binding🔗

The module iceoryx_binding_c makes the inter-process communication features of iceoryx_posh available in C.

iceoryx DDS🔗

The package iceoryx_dds provides a bi-directional DDS gateway using Eclipse Cyclone DDS. The gateway can be used to send data over a network e.g. via Ethernet.

For more information, refer to the Readme.

iceoryx introspection🔗

The introspection client can be used for live debugging and provides information of the current system like memory usage and established connections.

For more information, refer to the icecrystal example.