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This example shows you how to use the introspection for debugging purposes. With the introspection you can look into the machine room of RouDi. It shows live information about the memory usage and all registered processes. Additionally, it shows the publisher and subscriber ports that are created inside the shared memory.

Expected Output🔗

We re-use the binaries from icedelivery.


Feature walkthrough🔗

This example does not contain any additional code. The code of the iceoryx_introspection_client can be found under tools/introspection/.

The introspection can be started with several command line arguments.

--mempool         Subscribe to mempool introspection data.

The memory pool view will show all available shared memory segments and their respective owner. Additionally, the maximum number of available chunks, the number of currently used chunks as well as the minimal value of free chunks are visible. This can be handy for stress tests to find out if your memory configuration is valid.

--process         Subscribe to process introspection data.

The process view will show you the processes (incl. PID), which are currently registered with RouDi.

--port            Subscribe to port introspection data.

The port view shows both publisher and subscriber ports that are created by RouDi in the shared memory. Their respective service description (service, instance, event) is shown to identify them uniquely. The columns Process and Node display to which process and node the ports belong. The service discovery protocol allows you to define the Propagation scope of the data. This can enable data forwarding to other machines e.g. over network or just consume them internally.

--all             Subscribe to all available introspection data.

--all will enable all three views at once.

-v, --version     Display latest official iceoryx release version and exit.

Make sure that the version number of the introspection exactly matches the version number of RouDi. Currently, we don't guarantee binary compatibility between different versions. With different version numbers things might break.