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struct iox::mepoo::ChunkHeader
class iox::mepoo::ChunkSettings
struct iox::mepoo::MemoryInfo
Stores properties of the memory to be used when we distinguish between different types of memory on e.g. different devices with different characteristics.
struct iox::mepoo::MePooConfig
struct iox::mepoo::NoUserHeader
Helper struct to use as default template parameter when no user-header is used.
struct iox::mepoo::SegmentConfig


using std::uint64_t SequenceNumber_t
using std::chrono::steady_clock BaseClock_t
using std::chrono::duration< std::int64_t, std::nano > DurationNs_t
using std::chrono::time_point< BaseClock_t, DurationNs_t > TimePointNs_t

Types Documentation🔗

using SequenceNumber_t🔗

using iox::mepoo::SequenceNumber_t = typedef std::uint64_t;

using BaseClock_t🔗

using iox::mepoo::BaseClock_t = typedef std::chrono::steady_clock;

using DurationNs_t🔗

using iox::mepoo::DurationNs_t = typedef std::chrono::duration<std::int64_t, std::nano>;

using TimePointNs_t🔗

using iox::mepoo::TimePointNs_t = typedef std::chrono::time_point<BaseClock_t, DurationNs_t>;

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