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Inherits from iox::runtime::PoshRuntime

Public Functions🔗

PoshRuntimeSingleProcess(const RuntimeName_t & name)

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Protected Types inherited from iox::runtime::PoshRuntime

using PoshRuntime &(*)(cxx::optional< const RuntimeName_t * >) factory_t

Public Functions inherited from iox::runtime::PoshRuntime

PoshRuntime & getInstance()
returns active runtime
PoshRuntime & initRuntime(const RuntimeName_t & name)
creates the runtime with given name
RuntimeName_t getInstanceName() const
get the name that was used to register with RouDi
void shutdown()
initiates the shutdown of the runtime to unblock all potentially blocking publisher with the SubscriberTooSlowPolicy::WAIT_FOR_SUBSCRIBER option set
cxx::expected< InstanceContainer, FindServiceError > findService(const capro::ServiceDescription & serviceDescription)
find all services that match the provided service description
bool offerService(const capro::ServiceDescription & serviceDescription)
offer the provided service, sends the offer from application to RouDi daemon
void stopOfferService(const capro::ServiceDescription & serviceDescription)
stop offering the provided service
PublisherPortUserType::MemberType_t * getMiddlewarePublisher(const capro::ServiceDescription & service, const popo::PublisherOptions & publisherOptions =popo::PublisherOptions(), const PortConfigInfo & portConfigInfo =PortConfigInfo())
request the RouDi daemon to create a publisher port
SubscriberPortUserType::MemberType_t * getMiddlewareSubscriber(const capro::ServiceDescription & service, const popo::SubscriberOptions & subscriberOptions =popo::SubscriberOptions(), const PortConfigInfo & portConfigInfo =PortConfigInfo())
request the RouDi daemon to create a subscriber port
popo::InterfacePortData * getMiddlewareInterface(const capro::Interfaces interface, const NodeName_t & nodeName ={""})
request the RouDi daemon to create an interface port
popo::ApplicationPortData * getMiddlewareApplication()
request the RouDi daemon to create an application port
popo::ConditionVariableData * getMiddlewareConditionVariable()
request the RouDi daemon to create a condition variable
NodeData * createNode(const NodeProperty & nodeProperty)
request the RouDi daemon to create a node
const std::atomic< uint64_t > * getServiceRegistryChangeCounter()
requests the serviceRegistryChangeCounter from the shared memory
bool sendRequestToRouDi(const IpcMessage & msg, IpcMessage & answer)
send a request to the RouDi daemon and get the response currently each request is followed by a response
PoshRuntime(const PoshRuntime & )
PoshRuntime & operator=(const PoshRuntime & )
PoshRuntime(PoshRuntime && )
PoshRuntime & operator=(PoshRuntime && )
virtual ~PoshRuntime()

Protected Functions inherited from iox::runtime::PoshRuntime

PoshRuntime(cxx::optional< const RuntimeName_t * > name, const bool doMapSharedMemoryIntoThread =true)
PoshRuntime & defaultRuntimeFactory(cxx::optional< const RuntimeName_t * > name)
RuntimeName_t & defaultRuntimeInstanceName()
factory_t & getRuntimeFactory()
gets current runtime factory. If the runtime factory is not yet initialized it is set to defaultRuntimeFactory.
void setRuntimeFactory(const factory_t & factory)
sets runtime factory, terminates if given factory is empty
PoshRuntime & getInstance(cxx::optional< const RuntimeName_t * > name)
creates the runtime or returns the already existing one -> Singleton

Friends inherited from iox::runtime::PoshRuntime

class roudi::RuntimeTestInterface

Public Functions Documentation🔗

function PoshRuntimeSingleProcess🔗

    const RuntimeName_t & name

function ~PoshRuntimeSingleProcess🔗


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