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DDS Gateway implementation for the DDS to iceoryx direction. More...

#include <dds_to_iox.hpp>

Inherits from gw::GatewayGeneric< gw::Channel< popo::UntypedPublisher, dds::data_reader_t > >

Public Functions🔗

DDS2IceoryxGateway(ChannelFactory channelFactory)
void loadConfiguration(const config::GatewayConfig & config)
void discover(const capro::CaproMessage & msg)
void forward(const channel_t & channel)

Detailed Description🔗

template <typename channel_t  =gw::Channel<popo::UntypedPublisher, dds::data_reader_t>,
typename gateway_t  =gw::GatewayGeneric<channel_t>>
class iox::dds::DDS2IceoryxGateway;

DDS Gateway implementation for the DDS to iceoryx direction.

Public Functions Documentation🔗

function DDS2IceoryxGateway🔗

inline DDS2IceoryxGateway()

function DDS2IceoryxGateway🔗

    ChannelFactory channelFactory

function loadConfiguration🔗

inline void loadConfiguration(
    const config::GatewayConfig & config

function discover🔗

inline void discover(
    const capro::CaproMessage & msg

not implemented - requires dds discovery which is currently not implemented in the used dds stack.

function forward🔗

inline void forward(
    const channel_t & channel

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